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Péter le Cerveau – A New Art Movement



Art-world, let’s admit it, Post-modernism is so last century. We need something new! Bold! Exciting! And I have it:

It’s called “Péter le Cerveau”. Look at that French name! It’s totally legit, because, let’s be honest, any reference to art with relation to France increases it’s credibility. Louvre? French. Monet? French. See? Two examples.

The guidelines are that it’s an artwork that is created out of lack of creativity for the task at hand. For example, my drawings today for a job have been shocking, so I began to doodle using Adobe Illustrator’s vectors. Little did I know I would become distracted like a diamond ring distracts a gold digger. DARN YOU HYPNOTIC VECTORS! STOP LOOKING SO SINUOUS!

But enough internet yelling. The point is, I created this piece and now, I’ve created a whole art movement out of it! Please, join me in promoting the modernity that is Péter le Cerveau.

Oh and if you’re wondering how I got the name, I typed “brain fart” into Google Translate.

So in conclusion, this is what my brain pops out when I’m stumped.

First Q&A

Me looking at my past animations:

Sad face. Kind of E.T-ish

Sad face. Kind of E.T-ish

Me after my first Animation Mentor Live Q&A:

Happy face!

Happy face!

Yeee-ahh! Do you see those glamorous glasses? That fashionably chic hair – AKA a bun? That ultra-white Hollywood smile?

That’s right, my transformation is all because I had my first Q&A today with my mentor Anthony Wong! Or, as he allows me to call him – get ready – Anthony. YUP, first name basis with a Pixar animator. Next step, virtual high-five.

On top of that, I met some cool classmates! Most are in the US, making me one of the international students. WOAH. So that’s why I look like E.T in the first photo; I’m an illegal alien.

Can’t wait to start animating and hopefully when it’s good enough, I can share some of it with you guys! Happy face! AND GO QUEENSLAND MAROONS! 😀

3-Point Belt Review Vol.6: Bear With Me

Marky Mark learns a lesson.

Marky Mark learns a lesson.

Ted (Seth MacFarlane, 2012) *WARNING – TERRIBLE PUNS*

Guess Who's Back?

Ted’s ballin’. DON’T FORGET IT. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Ted himself is balllllllin’! That’s what the rapper 50 Cent would say. That bear is brilliantly composited into the shot. Then Fiddy would invite Mark Wahlberg to his Candy Shop to tell him –

2. “Yo Marky Mark, you’re bear-ly making eye contact”. Seriously Mark, haaaavveee you met Bob Hoskins? He could make “eye-contact” with a 2D Roger Rabbit, why can’t you make eye contact with Ted? I mean, he’s right next to you on the cou- what? Whadda ya mean Ted’s not really there? He’s a mo-capped CG character?! THAT’S IMPAWSIBLE!

3. Ok, not to have a grizzly view on everything, but the sound is tinny and the plot is bear-ly there. It’s one of those stories where you can’t totally identify the obstacles. You start losing focus and thinking about what’s for dessert. Pretty claw-ful right? If MacFarlane had just thought about building a paws-ible climax, I wouldn’t be stuffed from my distracting brownie dessert; I’d be all stitched up from paying attention to the jokes along the way.

“Hey Stephanie, hit us with one more terrible teddy bear pun.”

Ursus arctos middendorffi /kodiak bear/ Kodiakbär

Someone maul her. Make it stop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fur sure. What to do you want to hear?


Alt vfx

Latte anyone?

Latte anyone?

Yup, I’m working at this beautiful studio called Alt vfx! They specialise in creating awesome VFX for TVC’s (television commercials). Wow, the more you get into the ‘biz’ the more acronyms you acquire.

Like PA (Production Assistant). Although I’m not doing VFX yet and mainly do client service, when I do clock off from my shift, the VFX crew is nice enough to let me watch them work. FREE LEARNING?! Boom! I’m there.

If you want an example of one of their ads, check out the one where Australian athletes transition into each other. Sure they’ve won awards for other ads, but this one’s my favey! Simple idea, well executed and when it’s on, everyone has a chip halfway to their mouth as they stop to watch. Enjoy!

3-Point Belt Review Vol.5: Sparkly Warp Speed

Benedict Cucumberatch hands out today's special.

Benedict Cucumberatch hands out today’s special.

Star Trek: Into Darkness (J. J. Abrams, 2013) *SPOILER ALERT*

1. “Captain Zulu, proceed to new and improved warp speed.”

Instead of ye olde lens distortion, there’s a trail of warp particles left lingering behind. And when I heard how you travel through the trail with stereoscopic vision, it’s one of the only times I’ve regretted watching a film in 2D.

"Smooth Criminal" music video. Shows...

What happens when gravity malfunctions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. Great action scenes that use VFX appropriately: The “roly-poly” scene (where the ship’s internal gravity malfunctions) wouldn’t work without CG props falling to indicate the direction of gravity. The garbage barge, “can of whoop-ass” scene? Wouldn’t work without awesome keying and flying barges (obviously). Let’s not forget ANY SHOT INVOLVING A SPACESHIP.  Shield your eyes people, the rays of awesome are blinding!

3. I wish I had something to complain about, but I don’t. That’s not to say it’s the most amazing film ever, but it’s definitely a safe sequel that ticks the boxes for entertainment.

VFX? Great.

Soundscape? Excellent.

Storyline/pacing/cast performance: all up to scratch!

Sure some people found the underwear scene offensive, but seriously – who cares? At least it wasn’t a Megan Fox crotch shot. Hmm, need something to poke at…ooh, ooh, I know! Cumberbatch! Great name, huh?

Pixar Mentor

Where do I begin grovelling?

Where do I begin grovelling?

Yes, that’s right. My first mentor from Animation Mentor (Anthony Wong) works at Pixar. As my best friend would say, it’s “AMAZEBALLS!”

I know what you’re thinking:

“Shut up Steph. Stop bragging about it and just go die in a hole. A hole of hell, where all you do is slave away, animating all day. Learning from someone who works at Pixar. Who totally worked on Ratatouille (Brad Bird and Jan Pinkava, 2007)! Who is therefore AWESOME. So by association, some of his awesomeness rubs off on you. So you’re awesome. Go Steph!”

“But seriously, zip it, Zippy Longstockings.”

Awnnnhhh, thanks guys!

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