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First Q&A

Me looking at my past animations:

Sad face. Kind of E.T-ish

Sad face. Kind of E.T-ish

Me after my first Animation Mentor Live Q&A:

Happy face!

Happy face!

Yeee-ahh! Do you see those glamorous glasses? That fashionably chic hair – AKA a bun? That ultra-white Hollywood smile?

That’s right, my transformation is all because I had my first Q&A today with my mentor Anthony Wong! Or, as he allows me to call him – get ready – Anthony. YUP, first name basis with a Pixar animator. Next step, virtual high-five.

On top of that, I met some cool classmates! Most are in the US, making me one of the international students. WOAH. So that’s why I look like E.T in the first photo; I’m an illegal alien.

Can’t wait to start animating and hopefully when it’s good enough, I can share some of it with you guys! Happy face! AND GO QUEENSLAND MAROONS! šŸ˜€


Pixar Mentor

Where do I begin grovelling?

Where do I begin grovelling?

Yes, that’s right. My first mentor from Animation Mentor (Anthony Wong) works at Pixar. As my best friend would say, it’s “AMAZEBALLS!”

I know what you’re thinking:

“Shut up Steph. Stop bragging about it and just go die in a hole. A hole of hell, where all you do is slave away, animating all day. Learning from someone who works at Pixar. Who totally worked on RatatouilleĀ (Brad Bird and Jan Pinkava, 2007)! Who is therefore AWESOME. So by association, some of his awesomeness rubs off on you. So you’re awesome. Go Steph!”

“But seriously, zip it, Zippy Longstockings.”

Awnnnhhh, thanks guys!