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The Meg (2018)

Are you craving a shark movie starring Jason Statham being Jason Statham? Then maybe you saw The Meg (dir.  Jon Turteltaub) in August and my second show at Double Negative Vancouver! Near the beginning of the film, there are scenes of submersibles exploring undiscovered depths of the ocean. Double Negative was responsible for bringing these trenches […]

Deadpool 2 (2018)

He’s here to rid the world of gluten. And mayyybbbeee fight people. Opening May 16 2018 is the highly anticipated Deadpool 2! Dneg (I believe) was the main vendor for the Deadpool sequel and so we had a fair number of animators on hand for it, about half our crew. The other half were concurrently […]

Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)

You’re right – one movie with giant jaegers fighting kaiju just isn’t enough. So here’s another one: Pacific Rim Uprising! Set to appear in March of 2018 in all of its explosion and lens-flare filled glory, this sequel to Pacific Rim (2013) was a huge project for Double Negative. Many, many amazing artists were responsible for […]

The Mummy (2017)

The Mummy (dir. Alex Kurtzman) is a feature film reboot of the popular franchise that began in 1999. This version stars Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe and Sofia Boutella. You know that cool actress from Kingsman: The Secret Service with the blades on her feet? Her! While the movie has been met with success financially and failure […]

FDA – Straw City

This spot from Alt.vfx advertises the dangers of smoking and features some great vfx. Chris, our wonderful lead, was responsible for all the wolf head replacement animation. I handled all the pig face replacement animation and the majority of pig digi doubles. (You could say I hogged those shots). The fx artists and compositors did an […]

The Volunteer Scarecrows (Abbott’s Village Bakery)

This one has got to be my favourite ad this year. This will seem strange as it isn’t super heavy on the VFX work but in a word it is just – GOLD. Advertising-wise, the idea is brilliant and the casting of actors is just so spot on. You are sure to giggle! I wasn’t really across […]

Square (Honda)

Introducing the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe! This US spot contrasts the smooth contours of the Honda Civic against a world that is completely square. It involved animated face replacements, digital doubles, CG square cars and lots of environment layouts.* All of it was created using a mixture of hand-key animation, motion-capture and facial capture. I […]

Do More of the Good Stuff (Subaru) – 2016

This cute commercial for Australia involved creating 3D mouth replacements for live-action dogs. [SIDE NOTE: Yes, the dogs had names. Jack is the main dog (Boston Terrier), Frank was the hairy one and Harris is the boxer.] I animated the mouths of the dogs over four shots from 00:23-00:30. We used some facial capture initially but […]

The Cemetery (Quantum Break – Xbox) – 2016

Alt.vfx was responsible for executing the vfx for the live-action game trailer of Quantum Break. I was responsible for track checks, animating some rocks and the glitching animation on the German shephards at 01:12.

Toyota Safety Sense Ep.2 (トヨタセーフティセンス) (Toyota Japan) – 2015

This was the second instalment of the Safety Sense campaign for Toyota Japan. It added on to the last instalment by emphasising the horse and adding in a chameleon. I keyframe animated the pack shot where all the animals representing different features of the car come together at 00:14. The shot was shared in that […]

Kill and Protect (Mortein) – 2015

I was responsible for keyframe animating two shots of the CG cockroaches starting at 00:16. The cockroaches needed to scrabble and then fall. It was cool to try animating an insect.

Call of the Wild (Toyota New Zealand) – 2015

This controversial 90sec TVC for New Zealand aimed the Toyota Hilux at hunters. Animals are pretending to be dead just so that they can ride on the Hilux. I was responsible for track checks as well as animating the hapuka, the tahr, the main white bait and the ducks. This project involved a combination of keyframe […]

Divide & Conquer Laundry (LG) – 2015

Alt.vfx was responsible for the end pack shot sequence of the TWINWash washing machine. I animated the camera and washing machine for that sequence. The incredible VFX for the fighting clothes was carried out at Digital Domain. Kudos to Digital Domain because the clothes looked fantastic! I’m so jealous.

Momotaro Ep.3 (Pepsi Japan) – 2015

This amazing 4 minute TVC/short film was the third installation of the Momotaro (Peach Boy) series for Pepsi in Japan. It showcases Alt’s third Oni, a winged demon. I was mainly responsible for the animation of the parakeets as well as 2 simple Oni shots and track checks. The bird shot at 00:24 is where I keyframe animated […]

Toyota Safety Sense (トヨタセーフティーセンス) (Toyota Japan) – 2015

This campaign for Toyota Japan showed off some of their new safety features and likened the features to animals. For example, the cheetah coming to a sudden stop illustrates the capability of the brakes to stop quickly. I was responsible for track checks, some layout and I animated a bat flight cycle. This bat animation […]

Yes (Optus) – 2015

For this spot, I was involved with the CG layout of the floating house for a couple of shots as well as the market tents. I also animated the paper airplane at 00:38.

Dream Run (Honda) – 2015

This 90sec TVC was one of the first projects I worked on at Alt.vfx. I was responsible for the animation at 00:19 where there are two shots of the car forming. This involved separating all of the parts of the CG car model, right down to bolts and screws, and then grouping elements to animate together. […]

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