He’s here to rid the world of gluten. And mayyybbbeee fight people. Opening May 16 2018 is the highly anticipated Deadpool 2!

Dneg (I believe) was the main vendor for the Deadpool sequel and so we had a fair number of animators on hand for it, about half our crew. The other half were concurrently working on Antman 2, and so we were surrounded by superheroes on all sides! It was truly MARVEL-ous. *Cue crickets*.

I was cast on the show for about 3-4 months. I had 10 shots total plus 3 development shots where I tested some car physics. Josh Brolin’s character Cable (aka Kyle) has a metal left arm, so mainly I animated his muscle jiggle. Video reference like this:

-was very helpful in learning how muscles ripple in slow-motion, especially as almost all the Kyle shots I had were at a slower frame rate.

Despite a short show schedule, the show was well-managed by our fearless anim supervisor Eric Bates and our Lead Animators Sianoosh and Konstantin. Those men can put out fires one handed while juggling knives with the other. Fantastic leadership all around and a very fun show to work for.

I’ll leave you with this: when you watch the film next week and you realise how it “earns the hell out of its R Rating“, just remember that there were artists out there scrutinishing this film FRAME BY FRAME. They care about you getting your giggles. You’re welcome.

A funny side story: a lot of filming for DP2 took place in and around the studio in Vancouver. Which meant Ryan Reynolds was in Vancouver for shooting and consequent re-shoots. So you’d understand why I ran around the studio one day like a headless chicken when I found out we’d be visited by a “special guest” and just assumed that 2010’s Sexiest Man Alive would grace us with his presence. Yes, I’m a shameless fan-girl. However it turned out our “special guest” was the director of the film David Leitch. Still very cool. But yes I had run around mistakenly in a Ryan Reynolds haze. Ah well. At least I gave my coworkers a laugh. An entertainer at heart!