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Congratulations! You stumbled onto my man-bear-pig of a website! This is where I share anything about my journey within animation.

This is me, Stephanie:

– and I love animation and vfx because I think it’s the closest you can get to making magic.


Currently I live in Brisbane, Australia looking for my next role in vfx!

In October of 2016 I relocated from Brisbane to the VFX hub of Vancouver to pursue animation within film. I was there for about 18 months working at Dneg as a mid-level animator.

Prior to that I was animating at one of the top Australian post-production houses, Alt.vfx, working on awesome visual effects for television ads. I moved into that role at the end of 2014 after one and a half years as a client service/production assistant. From bipeds to quadrupeds to insects, working at Alt helped me to transform the lessons from my education into a passion for creature animation.

My education resulted in fancy pieces of paper that say words starting with “D”, like “Diploma” and “Degree”.  One is a Diploma of Animation Fundamentals from Animation Mentor and the other is a Bachelor Degree in animation from Griffith University.

Please drop me a line any time! The languages I speak include art, creatures, Animation Mentor and the ancient dialect of All-Things-Food.

Happy reading!


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