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Congratulations! You stumbled onto my man-bear-pig of a website! This is where I share anything about my journey within animation.

This is me, Stephanie:

– and I love animation and vfx because I think it’s the closest you can get to making magic.


Currently I live in Sydney, Australia and work as an animator at Animal Logic!

My journey in vfx began in 2013. I started with a few of the “right of passage” roles – the unpaid internship. The render wrangler. The client service/runner girl. Anything to get my foot in the door because when it comes to film and tv, this girl is keen beans!

Eventually I was given the role I’d been looking for: a junior animator position. The role asked me to animate for high-end TV commercials. The real job was to keep up. Deadlines were tight. Clients were picky. I was thrown in the deep end.

And I loved it!

Sure I had to learn to swim but the skill of turning out (quality) work quickly accelerated my path in the industry. In the end I’m extremely grateful for the fast pace as I haven’t worked faster since.

From then on I set my sights on two things: film and Vancouver. I saved money and moved to Canada without a job. It was at a recruiting fair that I was fortunate enough to land a role at the company I’d set my sights on: Dneg. The experience was amazing and 18 months later I returned to Australia with new skills, new friends and a foot in the door to film.

From there I hopped from Pony Up Pictures in Brisbane to Luma Pictures in Melbourne. Now I’m living the dream at Animal Logic and expanding my passion for story-telling.

I’ll finish by saying this line so cheesy it’s a-brie-gious: I. Love. My. Job.

Please drop me a line any time! The languages I speak include art, script-writing, creatures, Animation Mentor and the ancient dialect of All-Things-Food.

Happy reading!

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