You’re right – one movie with giant jaegers fighting kaiju just isn’t enough. So here’s another one: Pacific Rim Uprising!

Set to appear in March of 2018 in all of its explosion and lens-flare filled glory, this sequel to Pacific Rim (2013) was a huge project for Double Negative. Many, many amazing artists were responsible for creating the proverbial vfx “milkshake” that’ll bring all the boys to the yard.

I was only on the show for about one busy month near the end and had about 8 shots. It was fun to work on and a couple of my shots even ended up in the trailer above! Hooray!

One is the very cool shot (02:27) I took from blocking to almost final animation of a jaeger blasting towards Earth. Another animator, Makoto, added some brilliant polish to the shot with some nice secondary animation on the legs and the hand transformation was also polished.

The other trailer shot I have is at 00:38.

Wait, what’s animated? The people? The robot- oh the drone flying past? That?

Yes. That.


I’m so proud.


Director: Steven S. DeKnight

My Lead Animators: Arna Diego, Ben Goerlach.