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Péter le Cerveau – A New Art Movement



Art-world, let’s admit it, Post-modernism is so last century. We need something new! Bold! Exciting! And I have it:

It’s called “Péter le Cerveau”. Look at that French name! It’s totally legit, because, let’s be honest, any reference to art with relation to France increases it’s credibility. Louvre? French. Monet? French. See? Two examples.

The guidelines are that it’s an artwork that is created out of lack of creativity for the task at hand. For example, my drawings today for a job have been shocking, so I began to doodle using Adobe Illustrator’s vectors. Little did I know I would become distracted like a diamond ring distracts a gold digger. DARN YOU HYPNOTIC VECTORS! STOP LOOKING SO SINUOUS!

But enough internet yelling. The point is, I created this piece and now, I’ve created a whole art movement out of it! Please, join me in promoting the modernity that is Péter le Cerveau.

Oh and if you’re wondering how I got the name, I typed “brain fart” into Google Translate.

So in conclusion, this is what my brain pops out when I’m stumped.