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Alt vfx

Latte anyone?

Latte anyone?

Yup, I’m working at this beautiful studio called Alt vfx! They specialise in creating awesome VFX for TVC’s (television commercials). Wow, the more you get into the ‘biz’ the more acronyms you acquire.

Like PA (Production Assistant). Although I’m not doing VFX yet and mainly do client service, when I do clock off from my shift, the VFX crew is nice enough to let me watch them work. FREE LEARNING?! Boom! I’m there.

If you want an example of one of their ads, check out the one where Australian athletes transition into each other. Sure they’ve won awards for other ads, but this one’s my favey! Simple idea, well executed and when it’s on, everyone has a chip halfway to their mouth as they stop to watch. Enjoy!