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That’s My Purple Hair in the Newspaper!

An article was published this week in the Courier Mail about how the Pepsi Momotaro ads in Japan (recently starring Jude Law) have helped Alt.vfx to increase our clientele.

They pulled up a few of us artists to pose for a photo with Oni figurine that features in all the ads.

That’s right, one of Alt’s creatures is a figurine sold by Pepsi.

And they needed someone holding white to hold the Oni so yeah that’s me!


The article can be found here (with a subscription and sometimes you can view it on Google Chrome):

And the fourth episode of the ad they’re referring to can be found here:

Pepsi Strong – Momotaro Episode 4 from altvfx on Vimeo.

I did some very basic tweaks to the Oni and the animated bottle at the end (best bottle turn ever) so full credit goes to the rest of our amazing artists who worked on it.

Great work team!