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Thank You, Come Again!

If you’ve filtered through the waffle of my ‘About’ page, I talk about how I freelance with Graphic Design jobs. I won’t pretend it’s a full-time job (or that I’m a pro) but some of the jobs I’ve done in the past have been posters, illustration cards and corporate presentation-y stuff.

Pretty much all of the jobs I get are through people I know, which is awesome not only because it means networking really does work, but also because somehow (without me even trying) I’ve given off the impression that my degree in Animation is also a degree in Graphic Design. To some that may seem frustrating, but to me it’s a win-win! Hooray for temporary jobs while I animate and learn about compositing!

I’m posting about this job:

Graphic Design Wedding

– because my client was really happy! That’s not to say I’ve ever had an unhappy client, but this one was especially thankful and sent me this photo:

Wedding Invite Package

– of when she’d had all the designs printed and bundled together with a piece of fabric! It’s especially nice because I’ve never done a wedding invite before, let alone worked with typography (which is actually really tricky). Nonetheless I found it really fun to learn about, the invite looks beautifully rustic and I’m glad my customer is happy! So thank you, come again!

P.S. If you like what I’ve done (and you’re willing to negotiate a fee that doesn’t constitute slave labour) then feel free to contact me about a job! Also check out my friend Emma’s website if you need commissions for awesome illustration or design:

Or my friend Anya for more illustration work:

Playful Poses

Sloan Play Poses


These are my final poses incorporating quadrupeds at play.

It’s inspired by this great video I found of two dogs playing but which I now can’t remember the name of. My brain is doing that whole “I might have Alzheimer’s, but at least I don’t have Alzheimer’s” thing. I’ve tried to bribe my brain with chocolate in exchange for the memory of the name but alas, no luck.


This is my initial version of the playful poses. The great thing was there wern’t too many changes! Basically the critique was to bring the screen left dog’s head down and push his legs back. With the screen right dog, it was more about adjusting the front legs and finding the right interaction with the other dog.

I’m pretty happy with it! Hooray for satisfaction!


Move it!

Eeeeekkk! Get away from me!

Eeeeekkk! Get away from me!

Yeah, I didn’t know dogs pull carts with weights either. I thought that service was purely limited to horses or that Strongest Man competition but nope, it’s a whole sport called Weight Pulling. The things you learn, right?!

These are my final poses with the rig Sloan that incorporate movement. My first version looked like this:



Critique: (Shying away pose) Dogs don’t draw their front paws under them. That’s a human thing. Dogs put their paws in front of them. So revise those paws and the line of action to curve up.

(Weight pulling) The cords to the cart aren’t making sense visually as to where they’re connecting (due to the fact I left a strap out on the harness). Move the cords up to strenthen the line of action of the body and move the hips up. Tilt up his nose as he looks sad and make that very front paw reach for the ground to add strain.

The result of the changed poses is much better, even if the shying away pose looks quite horsey :D.

Move and Play – Sloan Sketches

Sloan Sketches - Movement

These are my Sloan movement sketches from 2 weeks ago. I had quite a bit of fun researching these poses, partly because I got to laugh at the Corgi Flop over and over again:

– as well as Crufts competitions like Flyball!:

Then last week we had to draw quadrupeds at play.

Sloan Sketches - Play

And I got to watch this amazeballs orangutan roll around:

Ahhh, animation study. Such a hard life :D.

Go Get it Boy

4 LEGS!?!?! 2 legs are hard enough! And 4 legs? That’s like…………….*calculates lengthy mathematical equation*…………….*uses CSI science lab technology*……………………………TWICE AS MANY LEGS!!!! HOW CAN WE ANIMATE 4!?!?

If you can tell, I’m just slightly freaking out. Our new rig Sloan is both an exciting and daunting new addition to our curriculum. Exciting – because quadrupeds are still fresh territory for me – and daunting – because last year I tackled a quadruped in our graduate film ‘The Button’ and it was SUPER hard. Like really. Super. Difficult.

Ah well, best stop crying and just rip the band-aid off quickly.

Here are my final poses for Sloan:

Searching for the Loch Ness monster.

Searching for the Loch Ness monster.

– and here are the initial poses:

Reachy reachy!

Reachy reachy!

The main critique for both poses was to revise the leg positions. I think a lot of study has to go into where quads take the weight and how their legs fold. They’ve kind of got a cocertina thing going on, where if you move one section, another should follow.

Hmm, more study is required. To the library!

Batter Up!

Last week’s posing assignment was similar to the first one: creating poses with Stella that show movement.

I was casting around for some cool inspiration and I came up with….baseball!

Damn girl. Throw that.

Damn girl. Throw that.

Swing, batter batter, swing!

Swing, batter batter, swing!

I’m pretty happy with the poses and I’ll post up my sketches for these poses later. For now, here are the before poses and the critiques I received:


Pose 01: Plant the screen right foot and pay attention to the twist and arch in her back.

Pose 02: Lean her back more as she is in the sketch and really twist her upper body. My peers also gave me reference images to help with the angle of the bat. Thanks peers!

On a side note, my cool German friend Al liked my work and he mentioned me on his blog, so I’m gonna do the same and throw a shout out back at him! He has fantastic animations and his blog can be found here:

– and his website is here:


New Title FAIL

I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. I’ve realised my website is more bloggy than portfolio website-y, so I would like to create a more professional website with my name as the URL and no posting, and keep this website as more of a blog format. The only problem is that I would need a new name and URL for my blog and I’m kind of stumped/indecisive when it comes to picking a new name.

Going about my normal troubleshooting ways, I Googled “how to name a blog” and got onto SpinXO, a name generator that spits out variations of keywords you type in. Some of the best (and by “best”, I mean “most hilarious”) ones it spit out included:

Thug Animation

“Thug Animation”

Genius. It reflects my thug life in the projects as I animate illegal movies (eg. Donald After Dark).

Steph Stewbum

“Steph Stewbum”

Brilliant. This has nothing to do animation and vfx but EVERYTHING to do with my cannibal cooking adventures.


“Shat Steph”

SERIOUSLY!? In what fields that I entered (steph, vfx, animate, visual) is this solution warranted?! And who (outside of Star Trek fans) ACTUALLY wants a blog that includes “Shat” in the title????

It doesn’t even sound like it’s about “Steph”. Moreso, it’s about the aftermath of someone eating me and passing me through their bowels, whereby my being eaten created enough dilemmas with their health that it warranted a whole blog.

Thank you SpinXO for your hilarious (but failed) attempts at naming my blog. Guess I’ll have to think of a new name the old fashioned way – rip it off a movie.

Term 2

Here we go……….again…..

Oh yeah, I forgot to say I’m in my third week of Animation Mentor Term 2!

The aim of the class is to use the fundamentals we learnt last term to nail basic body mechanics.

My mentor is Leigh Rens! He’s a really nice animator originally from South Africa (eek! Springboks Rugby team!) currently working in the pre-viz department of the Disney Toons Studio. The awesome thing about his career journey is that he’s pretty much self-taught, and so he can offer some insights to animating that don’t come with having taken a degree.

Some of the assignments this term involve using a dog, which I’m really excited about! Last year for my graduate film, I learnt how difficult dogs are to animate, and so I’m glad I get a chance to learn the basics of quadreped mechanics.

Can’t wait to see how the term pans out!