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Thank You, Come Again!

If you’ve filtered through the waffle of my ‘About’ page, I talk about how I freelance with Graphic Design jobs. I won’t pretend it’s a full-time job (or that I’m a pro) but some of the jobs I’ve done in the past have been posters, illustration cards and corporate presentation-y stuff.

Pretty much all of the jobs I get are through people I know, which is awesome not only because it means networking really does work, but also because somehow (without me even trying) I’ve given off the impression that my degree in Animation is also a degree in Graphic Design. To some that may seem frustrating, but to me it’s a win-win! Hooray for temporary jobs while I animate and learn about compositing!

I’m posting about this job:

Graphic Design Wedding

– because my client was really happy! That’s not to say I’ve ever had an unhappy client, but this one was especially thankful and sent me this photo:

Wedding Invite Package

– of when she’d had all the designs printed and bundled together with a piece of fabric! It’s especially nice because I’ve never done a wedding invite before, let alone worked with typography (which is actually really tricky). Nonetheless I found it really fun to learn about, the invite looks beautifully rustic and I’m glad my customer is happy! So thank you, come again!

P.S. If you like what I’ve done (and you’re willing to negotiate a fee that doesn’t constitute slave labour) then feel free to contact me about a job! Also check out my friend Emma’s website if you need commissions for awesome illustration or design:

Or my friend Anya for more illustration work: