Holy schamoly it’s me! Talking about stuff!

I promise I’m not so boring in real life, I was just trying to keep my nerves under wraps.

Proof that I’m more animated than how I appear in the video:




This is was my face everyday during Animation Mentor. I love animation and vfx!

Griffith University Careers and Employment Service

As a Griffith Film School graduate in the Bachelor of Animation (3D Animation and Character Animation) Stephanie Tomoana balances her time between her work as a professional at Alt.vfx and freelancing in graphic design, illustration and animation. Living by the Walt Disney quote, “the difference between winning and losing is not quitting,” Stephanie credits hard work and persistence as the key to developing a successful career.

Top Tips from Stephanie

  • Go for work experience, shadow the workers and learn from them and get inside information from the employer
  • Work on your portfolio
  • Build trust and network with potential employers

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