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Week 2 Poses

Peoples in the park and city.

Peoples in the park and city.

So every week in Animation Mentor, we have to do sketches that aren’t really life-drawings per se, but more ideas influenced by what we see around us. Last week was all about life around us and this is what I came up with!

Plane Jane

My cousin's beautifully smooth legs. Women aren't easy to study for planes.

My cousin’s beautifully smooth legs. Women aren’t easy to study for planes.

This week I decided I should get off my high horse and look at one area of drawing that I’m still not confident at – planes. Hence the name “Plane Jane”. Aren’t I punny? Yes, I realise I may have lost some respect with those last jokes.

Check out some new sketches on my “Sketches” page. I definitely need to keep studying this part of life drawing and will endeavour to do so!